a.k.a. “fixing that non-existing Gmail icon that is keeping you awake”

Hat tip to David Lanham’s for his amazing wallpapers

I just got a new Mac and I’ve been spending a ridiculous amount of hours setting everything up just in the way I think things should look and be. To my surprise, some of Google’s sites (Gmail in particular) don’t have any touch icons so they will appear as gray boxes in Safari’s Start Page.

Searching around I found this post explaining the issue and how to fix it. The post also contains a script that you can download and run to automatically fix all the icons but, for…

A re-introduction to JavaScript Sets and the new Set methods

Let’s talk about you and me and how we used to find unique items before ES6. We really only had two ways to do it (if you had another one let me know). On the first one, we would create a new emtpy object, iterate through the items we wanted to deduplicate, we would create a new property using the item as the key and something like “true” as the value, then we would get the list of keys of that new object and we were done. In the second way, we would create a new empty array, iterate through…

A Node.js native Kinesis client with Enhanced Fan-Out

Photo by Andreas Kind on Unsplash

In relation to our cloud transformation journey, we’re excited to announce lifion-kinesis, a native Node.js client for Amazon Kinesis Data Streams. This supports the new enhanced fan-out feature of Kinesis, and to the best of our knowledge this is the first open-source pure JavaScript implementation with this feature. Read on to understand our rationale and why this matters.

At Lifion, we’ve been using Kinesis Data Streams for different use cases as a part of our cloud transformation initiative. Most commonly, whenever an event is generated or an important data item changes in our platform, we broadcast the change through Kinesis…

A list of good packages for ES6 and React development.

Atom Editor screenshot by Luca Bravo

Let me begin by telling you I love Atom as much as I love JavaScript — and I really, really love JavaScript. I still remember that time when I saved around 2 months worth of pesos from my first paid projects to buy what I thought was a book on how to finally learn to build dynamic websites. My only experience so far was with plain HTML 4 and my dream was to code some of those alert dialogs with “Hi {first name}!”. I didn’t have Internet at home (Google and Stack Overflow were still not around anyway) so I…

Edgardo Avilés

Mexican engineer, technologist, and artist currently living and working in NYC. Principal Architect at Lifion, by ADP, and member of the Torolab collective.

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